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I still have several methods to introduce you to my friends when choosing manufacturers

I also have several precautions to introduce you. I hope it will be helpful to you

1. When you buy equipment, choose the model first. Which equipment is more cost-effective than the equipment of your own packaging size

2. Whether the output of equipment and the strength of vacuum machine meet their own packaging requirements

3. The requirements of vacuum machine, especially vacuum chamber For example, whether the workmanship of plexiglass cover and vacuum chamber is smooth and welded

4. The problem of vacuum pump generally has 20 pumps and 40 pumps, so there will be a big difference in price

5. At present, the quality of vacuum machines is almost small in the market, mainly service So when buying equipment, although you buy things, you should have a better relationship with the salesperson In that way, people will be more willing to work for you in the future

6. Equipment manufacturers try to find a company with medium model Large companies will not pay attention to your small customers. Small companies can have no strength if they want to do a good job, so it’s right to choose companies such as

7 The price problem is not the highest price. The company can’t stand the toss with its own hard-earned money, and it can’t be the cheapest. There must be something fishy. The middle price can be one price and one goods. It’s really reasonable

8. The device is the same as the mobile phone. Take care of it a little, handle it gently, keep it clean and dry, and use it for 3-5 years. If there is no problem, of course not

Zhucheng XINDELI Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a member of the professional committee of China meat processing machinery, the drafting and formulation unit of the national industrial standard of chopper and mixer, the national sampling inspection qualified unit of vacuum packaging machine, and one of the drafting and formulation (Planning) units of the national industrial standard of vacuum rolling machine (only four in China).

search Dalian Shenglong in Baidu. Their vacuum packaging machine is very good, all steel, not easy to rust & gt;

Beijing YUTE Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional packaging machinery companies in Beijing. They are the principle of quality first and customer first. They are very prominent in vacuum, filling, coding and packaging products.

Shanghai Yixing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. you can take a look as a reference. Both paint baking and steel impermeable products are available!

search Baidu for Shenyang sea harrier. Their machines are good and cheap

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