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Ask a question about the design of corrugated box cushioning packaging

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the first consideration is: the compressive strength of static load and dynamic load stacking that corrugated can bear. You can look at national standards or customer requirements… Secondly: consider the type of corrugated: A /F has better cushioning effect…. However, the weight of the product itself and other objective factors make you choose double corrugated or corrugated.. Second: what are the characteristics of the product itself: it is necessary to understand how much impact and vibration it can withstand, so as to avoid excessive protection of the product. What’s more, your products are regular, but not all places are very solid. Should you pay attention to protection? Get to know the customer… The final design: experiment.. This is the truth…. Just pass the experiment… The customer thinks that you protect his product and that there is no problem with the design before he asks you to experiment… So before you consider is to let the customer have the initial sense of security…. To help him, we should consider…

at present, this is in the process of discussion. Due to the physical properties of corrugated board, there is no accurate set of standards, which mainly depends on empirical values

but not ers, for example, has a theoretical method to calculate the thickness of cushioning material according to its dynamic cushioning performance. Why is there no corrugated box? By the way, I use type 02 carton

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