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Are there any national regulations on food packaging materials???

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food packaging can be divided into metal, glass, paper, plastic, composite materials, etc. according to the packaging type, it can be divided into cans, bottles, bags, bags, rolls, boxes, boxes, etc. according to the packaging method, it can be divided into cans, bottles, packaging, bags, wrapping, filling, integration, sealing, labeling, code spraying, etc; According to the product level, it can be divided into inner packaging, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging… Outer packaging, etc. Due to more attention and higher requirements on food safety, some countries have strengthened the regulation and management of food packaging. The new development of food packaging is promoted from the implementation of nutrition labeling regulations and indirect additive regulations to the implementation of degradable packaging and electronic scanning bar code
edit the national regulations on the outer packaging of food in this paragraph
the only one about corrugated boxes is the detection standard, while the relevant standards are not found for the requirements such as identification, which are generally agreed by the supplier and the demander. Note the relevant information and specifications of the product or company, such as product name, specification and quantity, processing manufacturer, agent manufacturer, enterprise publicity information, production date, QS number, quarantine mark for export, as required by the quality supervision department. The transportation and storage of corrugated boxes shall be protected from rain, exposure, moisture and pollution, and these shall be indicated. The content is accurate. Of course, the basis is that the inner packaging must be marked according to the standards of the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food.

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