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Advantages and disadvantages of wood packaging materials

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advantages and disadvantages of wood packaging materials:

1. Advantages:

1. Wood resources are widely distributed all over the world, and the quantity is considerable, which is convenient to obtain materials from hundreds of places

2. Wood has excellent strength /mass ratio. It can withstand shock, vibration, heavy pressure, etc. Different wood can be selected according to different packaging items to meet different packaging requirements

3. Wood plus 1 liter convenient wooden packaging container can be made with simple tools without complex mechanical equipment. Because the wood has good nailing performance, hooks and screws can be installed in the container to fix articles, and the outside of the container is also easy to reinforce

4. Wood is corrosion-resistant. Non rusting wood is widely used. It is non rusting and corrosion-resistant. Almost all items can be packaged with wood products, which is a good chemical packaging material

5. Wood can be further processed into plywood, which is of great benefit to reduce the amount of packaging materials, improve the uniformity of materials, improve the appearance and expand the scope of application. Plywood packing box, with durability and certain moisture-proof, moisture-proof, antibacterial and other properties

6. These wood can be recycled. Wooden packaging can be reused for many times or used for other purposes, which not only reduces the cost, but also does not pollute the environment. The main disadvantages of wood packaging materials are poor appearance, easy moisture absorption, easy to be eaten by termites, and often have peculiar smell, which is not easy to realize mechanized production

II. Disadvantages:

1. Poor appearance, easy to absorb moisture, easy to be eaten by pests,

2. There is often peculiar smell, and the production and processing is not easy to realize automation and mechanization

extended data:

purpose of wooden packaging materials:

1. Wooden pallets (i.e. pallets) are used for container loading

2. Wooden cases are stronger than cartons. For example, many large-scale packaging such as motorcycles are packed in wooden strips and boxes, and alcohol is also packed in wooden cases

3. Sawdust, used for filling, cushioning, heat insulation, etc

4. Small wood chips are used for the decoration of sales packaging, such as some chocolates, to create a “natural” and “environmental protection” atmosphere

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