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Advantages and disadvantages of Tetra Pak aseptic packaging

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[advantages and disadvantages of Tetra Pak aseptic packaging]
1. Advantages:
(1) Tetra Pak is a six layer composite paper packaging composed of paper, aluminum and plastic, which can effectively block air and light and ensure that milk and beverages are not easy to deteriorate
(2) the shape is simple and atmospheric. The outer paper can easily print different designs according to the demands of different products
(3) this packaging shape is easier to pack, transport and store
(4) Tetra Pak packaging can be recycled
(5) compared with functions, the cost is relatively low
2. Disadvantages:
(1) Tetra Pak bricks are made of composite materials, which is troublesome to classify during recycling
(2) poor compression resistance and easy damage, so consumers have to drink it up at one time [Tetra Pak brick] refers to the composite extrusion of paper, plastic and aluminum after printing. It is used for aseptic filling of milk drinks and other liquids. It is named because the formed packaging form is square and shaped like a brick. Tetra Pak is a series of packaging products for liquid food developed by Tetra Pak, Sweden.

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