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What are the tourist attractions and special things or food in Qingdao.

scenic spots in Qingdao

★★★ Laoshan Mountain, seaside scenic spots

★★ Naval Museum, Welcome Hotel, TV Tower, Haier science and Technology Museum, Langyatai in Jiaonan, Tianheng island in Jimo

★ Tianhou Palace, botanical garden, former residence of Gao fenghan in Jiaozhou, cuizifan Art Museum in Laixi

★ Aishan in Jiaozhou Pingdu Xianhe Park

I. four districts in the city:

(I) Qingdao coastal scenic spot (4a):

coastal pedestrian path

Open scenic spot, starting from Tuan Dao Ring Road in the West and Shilaoren in the East, with a total length of about 36.9 kilometers. Qingdao’s No.1 bathing beach, Qingdao’s No.1 Seaside Park, and Qingdao’s No.1 seaside scenic spot, such as Lu Xun’s Park and Qingdao’s No.1 seaside scenic spot, will be connected with the seaside bathing beach and No.1 seaside scenic spot

May 4th Square

May 4th Square is an open scenic spot, which is divided into North and south parts. The main sculpture of the square, the wind in May, has become a new landmark tourist landscape in Qingdao

you can get there by 25, 26, 31, 104, 202 and other Qianhai buses

trestle Park

trestle park is an open scenic spot. It is the symbol of a century old Qingdao and one of the best viewing spots in Qingdao

take bus 2, 5, 8, 25, 26, 231, 301, 304, 305, 307, 316, 321, 501 and 801

Badaguan scenic spot

Badaguan scenic spot is an open scenic spot, with buildings of different styles as the main body and quiet and wide roads. In the middle of spring and summer, flowers are as red as fire; In autumn and winter, frost dyed maple red is a well-known resort in China

take bus No. 15, 26, 31, 202, 212, 223, 228, 304, 311, 316, 321, 501 and 801

Lu Xun Park

Lu Xun Park wins with its unique red reef and elegant environment. It is one of the famous scenic spots in Qingdao coastal scenic spot

address: No. 1 Qinyu road

Tel: 28607602868471

fare: 5 yuan

take bus No. 6, 26, 231, 304, 311, 312, 316, 321, 501 and 801 to get off at Lu Xun Park station

XiaoYushan Park

XiaoYushan is one of the best scenic spots in Qingdao’s Qianhai. Although the mountain is not high, it can be overlooked from afar. You can have a panoramic view of the trestle, Xiaoqingdao, Lu Xun Park, Huiquan Bay, Badaguan scenic spot, Qianhai red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky. “Yushan Autumn Moon” is one of the top ten landscapes in Qingdao

address: No. 24 Fushan Branch Road

Tel: 2883635

ticket price: peak season: 15 yuan; off season: 10 yuan

take bus No. 6, 26, 202, 223, 228, 304, 311, 312, 316, 321, 501 and 801

little Qingdao Park

little Qingdao is one of the best scenic spots in Qingdao. Whenever the twilight is four in one, the tower lights are bright and dark, and the ruby like brilliance is reflected on the water. It is sparkling and dreamlike, echoing the lights on the trestle. “Floating lights on Qinyu” is one of the top ten landscapes in Qingdao

address: No. 2 Qinyu road

Tel: 2863944

ticket price: peak season: 15 yuan; off season: 10 yuan

take bus No. 6, 26, 231, 304, 311, 312, 316, 321, 501 and 801 to get off at Lu Xun Park station


Baihuayuan, also known as cultural celebrity sculpture garden, is the first large-scale memorial garden in the island city. The statues of celebrities in island cities are distributed in a staggered way, either sitting or standing, quiet, serene and lifelike, adding a lot of cultural flavor

address: No. 55, Yan’an 1st Road

Tel: 2862461

ticket price: 5 yuan

take No. 15, 219, 302, 220 and 604

(II) others:

Music Plaza

is one of the largest music leisure squares in China. It is composed of tree array area, eccentric square and soft sculpture area, oval square area, music viewing platform and underground shopping mall. A soft sculpture “sail of music” is built in the center, and a simulated piano is set under the sail for tourists to play and entertain

you can get to

Huiquan square

the newly reconstructed Huiquan square is known as the “urban reception hall” of Qingdao. When you are in the new Huiquan square, you can feel the charming atmosphere of atmosphere, modernity, romance and refinement of the whole square

the first bathing beach

is located in Huiquan Bay. The beach has a wide sand level, no hidden reefs, gullies and vortices, and the beach is about 580 meters long. During peak hours, 250000-300000 people can be admitted to the bath every day, and the maximum daily reception volume has reached 350000 people. The newly renovated bathing beach highlights the characteristics of melting into the sea and reflects the characteristic style of Qingdao coastal city

you can get to

Naval Museum 3A

by taking Qianhai buses such as 25, 26, 31, 104 and 801. The Naval Museum is the only military museum in China that fully reflects the development history of the Chinese navy. There are indoor exhibition hall, weapons and equipment exhibition area and maritime exhibition area. It is one of the national patriotic education bases

address: No. 8 Laiyang road

Tel: 28747862866784

ticket price: peak season: 30 yuan; off season: 20 yuan

transportation: 6, 26202304316 road

Welcome Hotel (former site of German official residence) 3A

built from 1905 to 1908, it was the German governor’s residence in jiaoao when Germany occupied Qingdao, Later, it was the official residence of successive administrations in Qingdao. German style architecture is one of the famous landmark buildings in Qingdao

admission: peak season: 15 yuan

off season: 10 yuan

Tel: 0532-2889888 2866209

address: 26 Longshan Road, Qingdao

transportation: 1, 2521722122225307367 road

TV sightseeing tower 3A

Qingdao tourism tower is located on the top of Taiping mountain and is one of the best scenic spots in Qingdao, It is also an excellent place for sightseeing, catering, entertainment, shopping and leisure

admission: individual passengers: peak season: 30 yuan; off-season: 15 yuan (off-season with bus IC card)

Group: 15 yuan for more than 30 people

Tel: 0532-3654020 3639496

address: Taipingshan 1st Road, Qingdao

transportation: 1, 3, 15, 25, 3621221725302307308368

Haier science and Technology Museum 3A

set up the world household appliance development history hall, Haier household appliance development history hall, 21 world future families There are nearly 30 projects for tourists to visit and participate in the future society, three-dimensional dynamic cinema, online classroom and high-tech exhibition hall

admission: Individual: 10 yuan

group: 8 yuan

Tel: 0532 –

address: No. 10, Miaoling Road, high tech park, Qingdao

transportation: 104230304313321362 road

Qingdao folk custom museum (Tianhou Palace) 2A

Qingdao Tianhou palace was built in the third year of Chenghua of the Ming Dynasty (1467), With a history of more than 500 years, it is the oldest existing brick and wood structure building complex of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Qingdao. In 1996, the Qingdao municipal government carried out a comprehensive restoration and turned it into a “Qingdao folk custom museum”

address: No. 19 Taiping Road, Qingdao

Tel: 28807282964114

transportation: take No. 6, 25, 26, 304, 311, 312 and 316 buses

ticket price: 8 yuan in peak season and 5 yuan in off-season; Preferential fares for the elderly, students and soldiers are 2 yuan

Qingdao botanical garden 2A

Qingdao botanical
garden is located at the south foot of Taiping mountain scenic spot in the urban area. There are Forest Park, botanical garden, China Japan Friendship Park, waterside pavilion and other scenic spots in the park. It is a comprehensive tourism landscape focusing on trees, flowers and other ornamental plants, integrating scientific research and popular science, flower and tree cultivation and sightseeing

admission: individual guests: 10 yuan for Forest Park, 5 yuan for botanical garden

group: 50% off the agreed price of travel agency, 70% off for more than 50 people, and 20% off for more than 20 people

Tel: 0532-3861640

address: No. 33, Yunyang Road, Qingdao

transportation: 206310370604 road

Memorial Hall of Kang Youwei’s former residence 2A

Kang Youwei’s former residence, It was founded in 1899. In 1924, Mr. Kang Youwei bought this house as his apartment and died here in March 1927. Now it is a key protection unit in Shandong Province. At the beginning of 2000, Qingdao municipal government invested in comprehensive maintenance and officially opened to the outside world during the national day of the same year

ticket price: 8 yuan in peak season and 5 yuan in off-season

Tel: 28799572969239

address: No. 5 Fushan Branch Road, Qingdao

transportation: 6,26202304316 road

Qingdao Underwater World

Qingdao underwater world is a tourist attraction jointly invested by Qingdao aquarium and Shandong Luxin investment Group Co., Ltd., integrating underwater tourism and marine science education, It has filled the gap of the underwater world project in Shandong Province and set a number of national firsts, forming a unique and beautiful tourism landscape along the gold coast of Qingdao

address: No. 1, Laiyang Road, Qingdao, China

ticket: 90 yuan, through ticket: 100 yuan

Tel: 2878218

transportation: 6, 26316304202228801 road


Qingdao aquarium was founded in 1932. The exhibition covers an area of more than 4000 square meters, displaying more than 200 species of marine organisms, more than 900 specimens of marine animals and plants, and more than 20000 specimens in the collection

address: No. 2 Laiyang Road, Qingdao, China

admission: 30 yuan in peak season, 20 yuan in off-season, 10 yuan for sea animals

Tel: 2868088

transportation: 6, 26316304202228801 road

Signal Mountain Park 3A

signal mountain is one of the best scenic spots in Qingdao. The main scenic spots are: “rotating viewing building” “Open-air teahouse”, “hexagonal pavilion”, etc. the three red mushroom buildings on the top of the mountain symbolize the three red torches that transmitted signals in ancient China

admission: 12 yuan

Tel: 2794141

address: 18 dinglongshan Road, No. 17 Qidong Road, Qingdao

transportation: 12142202225228 road

Zhongshan Park

Qingdao Zhongshan Park is a comprehensive park with the longest history, the largest scale and the most complete facilities in Qingdao. It is open at night during the national day, Hold Lantern Festival activities

admission: Individual: 3 yuan in off-season and 10 yuan in peak season; group: seasonal change

Tel: 0532-2870564 Fax: 0532-2969165

address: 28 Wendeng Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

transportation: 6, 15, 26, 312022142219304307316604

Huashi building

is located at the east end of the second bathing beach, It is a European castle style building integrating a variety of western architectural art styles. It is one of the famous architectural landscapes in Qingdao

ticket price: 5 yuan

Tel: 3872168-6163

address: No. 18 Huanghai Road

transportation: No. 26, 31304316 road

Catholic Church

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