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I want to expose a unscrupulous merchant to you: I bought a fake sordin headset in 129 division on October 19, 2010. Because the price was cheaper than other merchants, I came to him for a bargain. I didn’t expect to be fooled

I planned to buy a fake sordin earphone a few days ago. After being introduced by a friend, I found the military products of the 129th division (one element third-generation sordin earphone plus two PTTs). As a result, when the thing arrived, I found that there was a problem with the element’s earphone pickup system (sometimes the pickup system can be turned on, sometimes it can’t be turned on) Then the answer to 129 of the sales is freight forwarding, and each is responsible for the urgent use and 129 of the second headset must be sent out as soon as possible, so called a downwind
but second days when asked for odd numbers, the answer is that Alipay will not give the delivery without confirmation.
As a result, not only did I get the shipping cost of the second earphone, but also the shipping cost of the earphone sent me a downwind to psychological depression, but who thought there was a problem when the second earphone was replaced (the fixed rod of the earphone on the right came out) And the seal on the package of the earphone sent back this time was opened
after asking 129, the reply was to ask me to plug back the fixed rod, and said that the earphone was sent directly by the manufacturer, and that it was normal to open the seal on the package, and that it was unclear whether the electronic products were replaced after a negotiation
after sending back the second earphone, I finally waited for the third one after a long wait This time, the earphone has experience. Open the unpacking in front of the express. The packaging of the earphone looks a little familiar. It seems to be the packaging of the last earphone. Anyway, first look at the earphone inside. Take it out to see if there is any damage to the appearance. The express delivery that just wanted to try other functions is there (brother, will you hurry up? I still have a pile of pieces to send. Sign for me and I’ll leave. I have no obligation to tell you a lot) I quickly connected 148 to another machine and signed for the express when I saw that there was no problem with the normal call. After the express left, I put on my headphones and turned on the pickup system. After I heard the sound of the drop ~ ~
after a period of time after turning on the pickup system, the noise began to appear in the whole headset. The noise was so loud that the sound received by the pickup function of the headset was covered. At that time, I was at a loss, I thought If the battery is dead, go downstairs immediately to buy a new battery and install it. The result is the same. After the experiment, it is found that the onset time of this problem is uncertain. Sometimes there is noise in a few minutes, and sometimes there is noise in a few seconds. Immediately contact the salesperson of division 129. As a result, the answer is that I won’t change it this time. The reason is very simple. Because I signed for it, I won’t change it for me.
before changing the third headset, I I told 129 that the third one sent me a new unopened one, and 129 also agreed. As a result, after careful observation, I found that the second headset and the third headset were just the same headset. They didn’t change it for me, but they simply repaired it for me. They not only didn’t fix it, but they broke it. Moreover, I actively contacted 129 in the whole process of this matter. 129 has never seen 129 contact me actively, and later said that he was just a salesperson regardless of sales Later, they gave me a QQ number and asked me to contact their after-sales service, but I waited for three days, and they didn’t see their after-sales service online. When I asked 129’s sales, they told me that this matter had nothing to do with the sales. They also said that there was no problem with the earphones they replaced before, but it was not a problem. It had to be the element manufacturer who said there was a problem before there was a real problem. Later, I asked that there was a problem in the earphones I don’t think it’s a problem. I asked where I can get the answer from the element manufacturer. The sales of 129 told me that I can only get the answer from the manufacturer from the military products of 129 division. I’m surprised. Since I get the answer from you, does it mean that the military products of 129 division say there’s a problem with this headset? If the military products of 129 division think there’s a problem with this ear No problem with the headset. So no matter what happens to the headset, it’s ok
the salesperson who contacted division 129 in the future will no longer pay attention to me. I’m waiting for his so-called customer service. Up to now, I haven’t been contacted by QQ. I haven’t had any phone messages or anything.
finally, I appeal to you: first, don’t confirm in advance. Second, don’t be fooled by cheap prices

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it’s said that a bad merchant

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